The Good Riddance Girl is a estate sale management service dealing with the practical aspects of holding an estate sale. If you are leaving Bermuda moving house need house contents sales, or an estate sale, give The Good Riddance Girl a call. from start to finish, just tell the Good Riddance Girl what you want sold and the rest is taken care of.

House Sale

The following is a listing of the duties that will be carried out on behalf of clients who contract with The Good Riddance Girl to manage their House Sale, Estate Sale or Public Sale:

  1. Appraisal: An assessment of value of items to be sold.
  2. Inventorying: Full listing of large items by picture.
  3. Advertising, Publicity and Signs: A print advertisement will be submitted for the clients approval (at their request), and published in the clients local newspaper(s), as a primary means of notification to public of the sale. All sales will also be advertised through this website most with pictures included. Signs will be placed, directing traffic to the site of the sale.
  4. Pricing and tagging: Each item for sale has its own price tag or sticker.
  5. Organization of sale area: Tables will be provided for display, items will be sorted for display and directional traffic flow on premises will be handled.
  6. Conduct of Sale: Capable staff will manage the sale, handle monies and provide all change.
  7. Cashing of cheques: All honored local cheques are processed within three working days of sale. Overseas cheques are processed as soon as possible.
  8. Accounting and disbursement of funds: A statement of all monies, and chargues ready for the client within seven business days after cheques have been honored.


The Good Riddance Girl is glad to provide an on demand consignment service for a flat commission on the sale price of the consigned item. The following services are provided on behalf of consignors:

  1. Sale price is agreed upon.
  2. Item is photographed and advertised on the web site.
  3. Weekly report is sent to clent, detailing any and all inquiries concerning their consigned item.
  4. When listed price is met and item is sold, arrangements are made by The Good Riddance Girl for delivery of the consignment item.
  5. Purchaser of consigned item is responsible for shipping and handling fees.
  6. Disbursement of funds occurs within seven business days after cheques are honored.